Annual work plan for 2017

The national association is well aware that its current institutional and organizational capacity is not enough to undertake full operation. So it believes that the 2017 annual work plan have to focus on ways to increase the functional and operational capacity of the association.

So the following key activities will be taken in to account to draft the annual work plan of the year 2017.

Human resource development:- currently the association is run with very little capacity with regard to human resources. Specifically an executive director which runs the daily activity of the association and an admin and finance assistant plan:- is to increase human resource from the level where we are now to at least to a level that enable us function to a minimum standard

  • 1-Training officer/manager
  • 1-Accountant
  • 1-driver have to be recruited/hired

Organizational development:- for any operational and institutional functions improving the organizational capacity of the national association for better support for regional associations has paramount importance


  • A vehicle grant ¬†with necessary budget for fuel and drivers salary should be allocated
  • An additional modest office which will have a conference hall and additional office for staff, board, and other stakeholders meetings with full facilities should be rented.
  • Reasonable admin and institutional budget support allocation to sustain the operation of the secretarial office.

Web page development and stakeholders mapping

Strategy document:- an organization should know where it is going and how it is going to achieve a predetermined goal. So it should develop a strategy document in the 2017 planning year.

  • Budget allocation for strategy document development and familiarization workshop

Capacity building:-the national association will work on building the professional and technical capacity of the members of association. One way of doing this is giving capacity building trainings.

  • Capacity building trainings on different health programs/TB, Malaria, Family health, HIV/AIDs etc/
  • Awareness creation workshops and trainings on policies, legislations, standards, and guidelines of different professional categories
  • Awareness creation workshop and trainings on regulatory procedures, SOPs and standards.
  • A reasonable budget to carry out these workshops

Consultation forum and review meeting:- the national association will organize a review meeting with regional associations, stakeholders and members

  • Consultation forum will be organized with senior federal and regional policy makers, different governmental and non-governmental organizations and stakeholders

Policy advocacy and visibility :- the national association will work with Federal ministry of health, FMHACA and other partners to bring policies that impact the private sector in to attention of policy makers for revision, consultation and amendment

  • Higher education for private professionals
  • Health facility standard
  • Health insurance
  • This should be the area of focus for the coming year and appropriate budget should be allocated for its implementation.

Establishment of a representative general assembly:- to enhance the governance of the national association a higher body where by regional associations will be represented on the basis of number of members will be established.

  • A first general assembly meeting will be organized in 2017
  • Budget required for organizing this assembly should be allocated.


  • Media and Communication:



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